Leica Apo Televid 82 Review – Everything You Need To Know

March 13, 2018
Leica Apo Televid 82 Review

The tradition of building top-notch spotting scope has continued to live on in Leica after building a fine Apo Televid 82 scope.

Televid 82 scope is a massive 82mm objective lens with a highly-adjustable 25-50x eyepiece. This robust scope, without doubt, delivers awesome images even under the toughest environmental conditions.

Why is Leica Apo Televid 82 considered to be a top-quality spotting scope?

Leica Apo Televid 82 offers an excellent optical performance that comes in a lightweight and easy to manage package. The optical lens provides brilliant insights into nature that is affluent in contrast and detail.

The top quality spotting scope is achieved through the high-performing optics and compact form-factor which makes it a prospective choice for digiscoping.

Besides, it features a special camera adapter which allows the viewer to alter the Televid into a high-powered telephoto lens to achieve a long-range photographic bid.

Lenses and Coatings

Leica's new Apo Televid 82 features four fluorite lens components which significantly enhance the light yields by about 6%.

This is regardless of taking into account of the enhancements in coatings and the higher efficiency of the lens material. The lenses are significantly brighter than any objective lens with a high or less diameter.

An optical neutral piece of glass is placed in front of the objective lens in order to protect the fluorite lenses from damage when in the field.

Glass surfaces that are exposed on the scope are coated with AquaDura water and dust shedding. Certainly, the joy of viewing through these lenses is not just in the images but in the superb clarity, brilliant colors and the sharpness of view.

Focus System

The Apo Televid 82 features a dual focus system. A smaller knob is placed nearer to the objective lens provides a fine focus, whereas the bigger or a wider knob nearer to the eyepieces enables a coarse focus.

These knobs work simultaneously. If you turn the coarse knob, it takes you rapidly from close focus to infinity as the fine focus knob brings the image sharply.

Prism System

​The angled spotting scope model features the Schmidt prism system which is a roof styled, but the straight models combine both the Pechan and the Schmidt system to build a prism known as a Schmidt-Pechan prism system.

These two prism systems are used as an image erecting system which flips and rotates the image. This enables you to view it when facing forward and right up.

​Where does Leica get its glass for the optics?

Leica Company does not associate itself with copy-cats which try to duplicate their processes and propriety procedures which enable them to produce an excellent and superior lens that delivers superior and quality images.

Primarily, it is rumored that Leica source their glasses from Germany. Nevertheless, this is a top secret that even its representatives are not allowed to know the exact place.

But, since Schott is one of the companies that specialize in various grades of quality, it is assumed that Leica could be one of the top buyers of this top of the line grades. They then employ high-level engineering processes to create excellent lenses.

​What is the functionality of the eyepiece extender?

The eyepiece extender simply functions as a magnifying extender which increases your viewing power range by about 1.8X times.

This will take your 25-50X viewing range to 40-90X viewing range without even compromising the image quality. It also features bayonet safety components on both sides; however, it is only compatible with the angled Televid model.

The eyepiece extender is normally installed on the scope first since it acts as a 'middleman' between the eyepiece and the body.

The end with the bayonet interlocking feature is steadily inserted and then twisted into the scope body leaving the threading part of the extender out. After this, you can then take a 25-50X eyepiece by the bayonet end and fix it to the visible part of the extender.

​Straight Body Vs Angled Body?

Leica Apo Televid 82 comes in two models, the straight-bodied model and the angled body model.

There is no sharp difference between these two models apart from the angular design of the angled model. Nevertheless, this design makes a lot of difference when it comes to usability and handling of these spotting scope devices.

In a nutshell, the angled body model design is advantageous over the straight body model, especially when using the tripod stand to get have a good viewing position.

Significantly, the angular tilting makes watching at an upward angle easy. Besides, the prism lens offers not only a quality image, but also lasts longer as compared to the straight body model.

​Who is Leica Apo Televid 82 best suited for?

With the excellent and magnificent image quality, Leica’s Apo Televid 82 can be ideal for digiscoping, birding celestial viewing and nature observing. Essentially, Leica televids are so convenient for star spotting and nature watching because they provide a superior clarity.

In range use, this device can be used to spot and confirm bullet holes from a far distance at the range.

Besides, if you are a hunter with a taste of luxury and expensive, you can go for a spotting scope that goes beyond excellence in birding and hunting.

​What warranty does this premium scope come with?

A new purchase of this premium scope comes with Leica’s factory passport warranty.

Besides, owing to its sport optics, it is also enclosed in the Leica Lifetime Sport Optics Protection Plan. Basically, the warranty coverage includes eyepieces and accidental damage as a result of breakage and water damage.

Its coverage of an accident is just awesome. However, you should not have it stolen, cause a deliberate damage or expose it to fire damage. With this, you will simply invalidate your warranty.

​What are different models available in the market?

Different models from the Leica's Apo Televid models are available in the market. For instance, Vortex Optics Razor HD 27-60 X 85 offers a competitive fight regarding optics.

Its scope features a triplet apochromatic lens with HD glass to display images which are unmatched in color sharpness.

Swarovski Spotting Scope HD-ATS 80 is another model available in the market. Even though it is less expensive as compared to Apo Televid 82, this model’s performance is impressive. It has a fluoride lens which produces sharp and detailed images.

Besides, it has an exceptional long-distance focus and a high magnifying power.

Kowa Prominar ED 88mm Scope is yet another model available in the market. It is significantly smaller in size, lightweight and compact as compared to other spotting scope models. Its optical precision is excellent more especially when low power is used.

Accessories - Leica Apo Televid 82 Review

The eyepiece comes with caps one at each end which fits perfectly on the eyecup rubber and it is easy to put and remove it.

The scope also comes with an objective lens cap which is seized in place by pinch clips. It also comes with a separate cover for the bayonet.

A tripod mounting bracket is also an important accessory that comes with Apo Televid 82 model.

This bracket is well designed to fit any standard tripod stand. It has both forward and back on both sides to lodge the pin from the quick release plate so that you do not have to adjust the pin to place the plate to perfectly fit the tripod head.

Even though the price of Leica Apo Televid 82 spotting scope is a bit high, this is a great spotting scope that anyone looking for the best view and watching the outdoor.

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