Best Cross Draw Holsters | These Will Fit You Like a Glove I Bet

December 4, 2019
Best Cross Draw Holsters For 2019

While often getting a bad rap, there are a lot of fans of cross draw holsters that find that it serves them well. While there are plenty of holsters on the market to choose from, cross draw holsters can often make a lot of sense for certain users. 

Here are a few tips on using a cross draw holster and a few reviews to help you find one that fits your needs and your style best.

What is a Cross Draw Holster?

It may not be very versatile, but it definitely fills a niche for many gun owners. Basically, a cross draw holster will position your firearm so that you have to draw across your body.

This position is great for those that have restrictive movement on their strong draw side. You can also position your cross draw holster on the back or front of your body and use it for either concealed carry or when on duty.

Many people remember cross draw holsters originally used by cowboys and outlaws. This design allowed them to have a comfortable draw while they were riding a horse.

Cross draws were pretty popular for those in a seated position that needed a better balance orientation that made them pretty popular if you rode a horse frequently.

In today’s world, those that prefer the cross draw holster style now ride cars and bikes with their firearms. Think of law enforcement officers and professional drivers that use a duty car or carry a concealed weapon most of the day while they are seated.

Advantages of a Cross Draw Holster

Loaded with lots of benefits, a cross draw holster is mostly centered around accessibility and comfort as well as those moments when a strong wide draw would be hampered.

  • Anyone that frequently carries in a vehicle like a law enforcement officer.
  • A person that sits in a chair most of their day that wants a holster that is positioned correctly when you are seated.
  • When you don’t need your fastest draw and can be delayed in your draw, but might have a straight draw that is impeded.
  • You are a good candidate for a shoulder holster, but need better concealment.

Typically, a cross draw is perfect for those that want a good level of concealment but still need to access their gun easily while also considering their logistics and comfort level throughout their day.

While a law enforcement officer doesn’t need to conceal their firearm, they may still want the ability to wear a sidearm without it getting caught in the buckle or seat belt in their vehicle.

Why should you Cross draw Carry?

Combining safety with draw speed, carrying a gun cross draw has an appeal to those that want their muzzle aimed away from their body.

  • When your appendix carry, it isn’t uncommon for a wearer to shoot themselves more often than other carrying positions. 
  • With a cross draw carry, the muzzle of the gun is pointed away from your pelvis while still giving you a fast draw time and a good level of concealment than a typical strong side holster will. 
  • Combining accessibility, safety, and speed, the cross draw holster is often an underappreciated carry method.

The 4 Best Cross Draw Holsters

Galco Dual Action Holster- 6 Inch

Men wearing Galco Dual Action Holster

Nice quality product with an easy draw

Made using the finest materials

Used by Law Enforcement, Military, and citizens alike

Tested for durability and quality

S&W L FR 686 6-Inch


This Holster is Perfect for field carry, the Galco Dual Action Holster is a great choice if you are hunting or peace of mind when walking in the woods.

It can be worn either as cross draw or strong side, depending on your preferences. Providing a custom fit are two included tension screws that you can adjust to your preferences.

It features an easy to use retention strap that adds both security and simplicity while you are outdoors. 

The large polymer tab on the retention strap is a great aid when you are unsnapping or snapping your holster with a gloved hand. Made with premium saddle leather, this high-quality holster will fit in a belt up to 1 ¾ inch.

Perfect for citizens, law enforcement, and military, the Galco Dual Action Holster can be used by some semiautomatic pistols as well as double-action revolvers.

Tested for both quality and durability, this holster is available in tan and comes with both left and right-hand designs making it one of the best revolver holster for concealment on the market.


  • It is smaller than some users like and won’t fit a six-inch revolver.
  • It doesn’t work as well as a right-side cross draw.

Master's Holsters Cross-Draw Holster

Masters Holsters Cross Draw - Right Hand

It fits well, especially when driving with a seatbelt on

This holster has a nice finish and good construction quality

It uses good quality leather and strong stitching

Comes with 2 belt slots

Hand-molded and perfect for concealed carry

  • This right-handed cross draw holster is reliable and stylish. Expertly crafted, the Master’s Holsters Crossdraw Holster is made from heavy genuine leather that is a top-grain that comes with beautiful stitching. 
  • It has a low-profile design that keeps the trigger and barrel totally covered and can hardly be seen with an untrained eye.
  • Including a highly-functional design that is open at the top, the Master's Holsters Crossdraw Handgun Holster is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It also gives you a fast draw when you need it. 
  • This is a beautiful holster that is hand-molded and perfect for concealed carry or use at competitive matches.
    Allowing you to grip your weapon securely, the Master's Holsters Crossdraw Belt Holster can be placed at an angle so that the grip and the opposing side facing the strong side hand.
  •  It is comfortable to wear when sitting or driving and comes with 2 belt slots that can fit belts that measure up to 3/8 inch thick and 1 5/8 inch wide for stability. This holster has a flat back for comfort and is hand-molded to the gun’s shape.


  • It fits well While you are driving.
  • This holster has a nice finish and good construction quality.
  • It uses good quality leather and strong stitching.


  • It isn't canted far enough for a Cross draw Holster that is also concealed.
  • It would be nice if the holster was lined to protect the finish.

BLACKHAWK! Leather 3-Slot Pancake Holster

BlackHawk Leather 3 Slot Pancake Holster

Fits Beretta 92/96

Covered trigger guard for safety and security

Three-slot design allows for strong-side, behind-the hip, appendix, and cross-draw carry

​Left handed

Good quality holster for the price

Made with premium leather, the BLACKHAWK! 3-Slot Pancake Holster gives you great concealment of your weapon comfortably contouring to your body.

  • This two-piece holster is wet-molded and features a covered guard over the trigger for security and safety.
  • It also has a three-slot design that provides you with cross-draw, appendix, behind-the-hip, and strong-side carry.
  • Featuring double contour-stitched construction, the BLACKHAWK! It is very durable and also includes a thumb break that is reinforced for ease of draw and durability.
  • This left-handed holster will fit a Beretta 92/96 and is a great product for the price.   


  • This is a good quality holster for the price
  • The thumb break works great, and it fits perfectly
  • It fits snug and is concealable


  • If you place the holster in the bottom two belt slots, it will wobble since it becomes top-heavy
  • It won’t come close to being able to snap the restraint correctly

Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster

Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster

Made using the finest materials

Used by law enforcement, military, and citizens alike

Tested for durability and quality

​GLOCK 19,23,32

Comes with useful break-in instructions that only take a few minutes

  • If you are watching your budget, but still want a high-performance holster, you need to check out the Galco Cop Series. 
  • The 3 Slot holster is comfortable to carry in either a cross draw or strong side position with its precision-molded design. Made with premium cowhide, it fits belts that are up 1 3/4 inches wide.
  • Using a tension screw near the trigger guard, you can adjust the holster for the best firearm retention.
  • The rear sight has a wide safety strap for protection while the thumb break is reinforced. With the low cut design on the Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster, you get faster and easier draws for double-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols.
  • Tested for both quality and durability, the Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster is available in both left and right-hand designs. Featuring a black finish, this holster is perfect for citizens, law enforcement, and military use.


  • It comes with useful break-in instructions that only take a few minutes.
  • This is a nice quality and durable holster that is easy and fast to use.
  • The three slots give you the opportunity to carry it canted or vertical


  • The unfinished leather interior is pretty rough
  • It collapses in on itself making reholstering difficultEnter your text here...

Top 3 Cross Draw Holster Shooting Techniques

Concealed Cross Draw:

When you cross draw carry, you are carrying the gun butt-forward on one side of your body, typically the side that is opposite your dominant hand. This allows you to reach across your torso to draw, typically at waist level or under your opposite shoulder.

In a perfect world, a cross-draw will start with the side of the holster edged toward the threat or target. Raise your support hand as the gun hand moves toward the cross draw holster.

Using the support arm to block, but making sure it is clear of the muzzle, you want to make sure it is in the right place before you grasp the gun.

When the muzzle is brought in line with the target, the holster should be cleared allowing you to fire if it is a close-quarters target or to thrust your firearm forward while your support hand comes down behind it allowing you to take a two-hand firing stance.

Calvary Draw:

Typically used to remove a pistol from a holster, the calvary draw was created to carry your firearm butt-forward.

Named after the gun leather holsters that were used by the cavalry on both sides of the U.S. Civil War, the pistol was used as a secondary weapon by both armies and carried in a covered holster high on the cavalryman's right side.

Placed butt-forward, this allowed the soldier to cross draw with their left hand since they used their right hand to draw out their firearm only if their sword was lost during a battle. Even though this was considered an alternate method, it becomes standard practice with soldiers leaving their swords in their sheaths until after their firearm and ammunition had all been used.

Later on, it was discovered that using a reversed holster is more comfortable, particularly when you are sitting down, in comparison to the normal type holster.

Plus, you can use cavalry draw when you are sitting and still be able to retain your original off-hand cross draw capability. It is for this reason that the FBI used cavalry draw when they used short .38 Special revolvers.

If you practice enough, you will find that you can become faster drawing with a Calvary draw than a typical cross draw due to the placement of your hand on the stocks of the pistol.

Women’s Cross Draw:

Women also find that cross draw works well for them since their body shape, in general, doesn’t work well with a strong side holster. Unless a strong side holster is specifically made for a woman, it will actually force the butt of the pistol into a women’s body.

Cross draw allows a woman to safety and comfortably draw out their firearm in comparison to the other draw techniques. When considering these four holster models, My Pick for Best Cross Draw Holsters is the Master's Holsters Cross Draw Holster. 

Not only does it fit well and have a nice finish, but it has strong stitching and uses good quality leather.

It can be positioned at the correct angle to that it faces the strong side hand with its grip. It comes with two belt slots, and it’s pretty comfortable to wear when you are either sitting or driving. 

Here You Have it! Let us Know what are some of your favorite cross draw holsters, and what techniques do you use for shooting with your holsters.

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