Top 5 Mistakes Made During Conceal Carry | Dont Be One Of Them!

October 28, 2019

Preparations are made to be legal and safe while carrying any weapon, but many times “normal” behaviors lead to mistakes.

Let’s review how to avoid some of them.

1. Continue Training

You have your license and took the required courses, but what about training for those real-life scenarios, safety in your own home, or conducting range safety drills.

Many people think training is complete once a license is acquired, but reading a course and taking some shots can’t prepare you for what could happen at the grocery store. Be sure to practice drills for situations you think may never happen to you or your family.

2. Understanding the Laws Everywhere

Do you know the laws of your state? What about neighboring states? Are you aware that regulations for carrying open or concealed can change from state to state? Even counties can have different ordinances for entering public locations.

Be sure you check into the laws of concealed carry when you go on vacation or travel. Even if your state and town allow carrying of a weapon, some employers will prohibit their staff from carrying in their place of business.

The other side of these laws needs studying as well. If a business posts a sign stating no weapons allowed, but the town and state recognize the permission, you may still be able to patronize that business unless asked to leave. You must understand where you can and can not carry and be prepared to adjust accordingly.

3. Adjusting or Feeling for your Weapon

Making adjustments to your gun or holster is a huge red flag for anyone who notices your movements. Nothing screams, “I am hiding something,” like adjusting something others can not see. It makes others pay more attention to what you are doing and what you may have tucked under your shirt.

Wear your gun as much as you can so your body and mind can get used to the added weight. Consider shopping for best concealed carry belt that holds your weapon tight to your body. Be mindful of how your clothing will fit around your gun at any given time, which brings us to mistake number four.

4. Complete Concealment of your Weapon

You want to be comfortable when wearing your gun, but you still have to be sure everything stays covered with every twist and bend of your body. You may want to consider pants one size bigger in the waist to make room for an inside the waistband holster.

Baggier tops are another way to avoid the “printing” of your gun in the small of your back or on your side. Tight tops will push against you, causing the outline of your weapon to appear. This could be considered illegal in some areas because your gun is noticeable. Using the best concealed carry belt will keep your weapon from slipping, but also provide the body movement that keeps your weapon covered at all times.

5. Situational Awareness

Finally, let’s elaborate on mistake number one. Situational awareness is a huge mistake that could cost you more than a ticket for not keeping your gun concealed. It could cost you your life or the life of another.

Once you have determined where you will carry, be sure it is accessible only to you. The small of your back is a good place to carry but could leave it open for someone else to grab if exposed.

Be always aware of those around you and how you will handle a situation if the need for pulling your weapon out should arise.

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