Does a Gun Belt improve Conceal Carry?

October 27, 2019

You have spent hours making sure to choose the best weapon for carrying, comfort, grip, caliber…it all has to fit together, right? What about accessories? Holsters, interchangeable grips, and belts are all part of carrying that weapon as efficiently as you can.

Selecting the right type of belt can make or break your conceal carrying experience. No matter how well the weapon feels in your hand, realistically, most of its life will be spent tucked away, ready for use. So why not make the carry a comfortable one as well as accessible? Holsters are a great way to keep the weapon clear of sweat, rubbing, and dust, but what about a belt to carry everything on?

Its a no brainer that you should have a gun belt, but how do you know what makes it a good one? You can’t just grab the belt out of your closet you wear out for a night on the town. Durability, thickness, flexibility, and material all need to be taken into account when considering the best belt to use for concealed carry.

Benefits of Using a Concealed Carry Belt

  • The biggest benefit that come with using a belt designed specifically for concealed carry are comfort and security. Comfort in the design and feel of the belt on the body, and security knowing your weapon will stay put all day.
  • A belt made of durable, thick material will keep the added weight right where it needs to be and not cause warping of your pants over time. The belt will also benefit the wearer by helping to keep the weapon in place while also providing improved accessibility.
  • Those who choose not to use a custom gun belt may suffer a sad fate, we carriers call “gun drop” where your weapon falls out of the waistband of your pants at the simple twist or turn of the body due to inadequate security against the body.

How Can a Belt Improve Concealed Carry Life

The life of carrying concealed comes with many concerns. Some people stare when the butt of your gun pokes out. There may be a bulge in your shirt, or your t-shirt riding up, exposing your weapon. One certainty that comes with a proper gun belt is keeping your weapon tucked nice and neat against your body.

This aids accessibility as well by knowing your gun will be in the same place to grab each time. Sagging problems will be forever gone when you secure everything in one place…your high-quality gun belt.

One final improvement to concealed carry life is where to put your accessories. If you use a holster, a belt will help keep it secure and fully upright. What about extra magazines? Add a pouch to your belt, and you will barely feel the extra weight around your waist.

Things to Look for When Buying a Good Concealed Carry Belt

For a more natural look to your wardrobe, consider using thick leather material. I will be thicker than a traditional belt, keeping the weight off your pants, but still comfortable enough to wear with ease all day.

Some prefer a more tactical look, and using a synthetic material is a great option. Nylon webbing belts are still thick for a sturdy hold, but allow room to move with the body, keeping comfort and security as a top consideration for the wearer. Be sure to look for stitching that is multi-layered and reinforced to hold its form longer.

Size is also important to consider when buying a quality gun belt, more specifically, how much adjustment you may need at time goes by. If your waistline or size of your weapon changes, you don’t want to have to buy a new belt. Look for one with punched holes for lengthening or shortening over time. Most leather belts will have holes every half-inch or quarter-inch for adjustments.

Don’t forget durability. Be sure you are checking how rigid the belt is. You want something that will hold up to the weight you put on it. If you plan to carry only one gun and maybe an extra magazine, you don’t need a belt that is of the most rigid material. The more you intend to wear, the more sturdy the belt should be, but not at the expense of comfort.

Try them on with whatever you plan to attach to it. Walk around the store if possible, and get a real feel for what you plan to wear and how. Wearing your gun inside the waistband will not require as stiff a belt as wearing it on the outside with a bulky holster.

In the end, you need to be comfortable while wearing your gun belt for concealed carry. Spend a reasonable amount of time testing different belts, material, sizes, and types. A weapon is only as good as its weakest asset, and concealed carry needs a good support system: a holster that keeps it clean and safe, and a belt to keep it secured in place. You don’t want to have your gun sag your pants or the butt of your weapon sticking out to get caught on things.

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